Q2 Newsletter

Dear ConTeras Industrial Group Team

Thanks to each of your contributions, we are off to a great first half of 2024! I am very proud of many of our accomplishments so far this year. We are continuing our vision to build ConTeras with several important characteristics: the highest standard of safety, strong leadership, and differentiated products and services offered across diverse markets and regions of the country.

First, I want to express my deep appreciation for your efforts to work safely and without injury. Nothing is more important than the well-being of each of you, our customers, and the owners of the facilities and projects we execute. For the first half of the year, we have collaboratively worked without an OSHA recordable injury incident. Well done everyone, this is truly best-in-class performance!

I am also pleased with the progress made to improve our company systems and processes. The investment made in our back-office enterprise resource planning system and tools will help us be more efficient in managing our customers, projects, and accounting. Centralizing our employee resource management on ADP will better our ability to communicate with each of you. All of this is part of our longer-term vision of coming together and working as one company.

Over this past quarter, we have served more customers and projects than ever before. This growth has come organically by earning new customers largely based on successfully serving our current and past clients. I find this kind of growth particularly rewarding as it stands as a testament to our quality work and dedication to going above and beyond for our clients. In consistently delivering this high level of service we are able to build trust and grow long-term relationships with our clients. Achieving scale in our industry provides stability for the company and our clients but also our employees providing career growth and advancement opportunities.

Lastly, I am pleased to announce the launch of our new company online store, offering branded merchandise for both employees and customers to proudly display. As a token of our appreciation to those featured for their Employee Excellence, they will be receiving $25 in ConTeras Cash to use in the company store.

I am excited and remain optimistic the second half of 2024 will bring more success as we each continue to do our part to work to build a better future together!

conteras leadership adam mohr

Adam W. Mohr

Chief Executive Officer
ConTeras Industrial Group

Employee Excellence: Leading the Way

Charles Njilefack

ConTeras, Director of Information Technology

Charles Njilefack has been with ConTeras for a year as the Director of Information Technology. Charles oversees the technological infrastructure for ConTeras Industrial Group, supporting ongoing technology needs and enhancing business processes.

Since his arrival, Charles has been instrumental in shaping our IT department, taking charge of network and enterprise applications, cloud services, and data security. He ensures the smooth implementation of IT systems and processes, staying updated with emerging technologies to recommend innovative solutions.

Charles’s deep IT expertise is complemented by his strategic approach, patient demeanor, and willingness to provide guidance to anyone in need. His skill in navigating the company through the complexities of transitioning to a more secure and efficient IT infrastructure has been invaluable making him an integral part of the ConTeras team.

Outside of work, Charles is an avid tennis and soccer enthusiast, loves to travel, and cherishes spending time with his family and friends.

Jesus Tinoco

Incorp, Superintendent

Jesus Tinoco has been with Incorp for an impressive ten years, currently serving as Superintendent on a capital insulation project at Georgia Pacific in Green Bay, WI. In this role, Jesus oversees all insulation activities, ensuring they meet the highest quality and safety standards while adhering to schedule and budget constraints. His responsibilities include developing and implementing work plans, leading and supervising the insulation team, conducting inspections, promoting safety, and maintaining effective communication with both customers and site owners.

Jesus brings a wealth of experience to his role, particularly in insulation work, and is an expert at reading drawings, working with models, and managing large-scale projects. His ability to communicate effectively with clients and build strong on-site relationships significantly enhances the success of his projects. Jesus’ meticulous planning, expert scheduling, and consistent material management keep the job flowing seamlessly and efficiently.

Outside of work, Jesus enjoys spending quality time with his family, including his wife, son, and three daughters. He loves traveling to Mexico and fishing whenever he can.

Jesus has excelled in his first major project, and we are confident this is the first of many successful projects. His ability to track large projects and manage multiple tasks in a dynamic environment ensures all activities are executed smoothly and efficiently. His commitment to leadership, safety, and quality continue to make Jesus an invaluable asset to the Incorp team.

Wilmer Torres

Incorp, Site Supervisor

Wilmer Torres has been with Incorp for nine months and currently serves as the Site Supervisor for the Duke Citrus County Combined Cycle Plant in Crystal River, FL. Recently appointed to this position, Wilmer has already made an outstanding impact in a short period of time.

Wilmer is a highly professional supervisor who brings a lot to the team. His strong, authoritative yet approachable presence makes him an effective supervisor. He excels at enforcing company values and policies and is OSHA 500 certified, enhancing his capability to ensure safety and efficiency on the job. Additionally, his bilingual skills facilitate effective communication with both team members and customers.

Previously, he assisted in other projects such as Duke Bartow, Duke Hines, Duke Anclote, and Duke Intercession as both night shift and day shift supervisor. He has always exhibited good work ethic and practices, demonstrating his capability to handle pop-up jobs at different sites efficiently and safely.

Wilmer’s presence as Site Supervisor has significantly improved performance and policy adherence at the site. His professionalism, adaptability, and dedication to excellence make him a valuable asset to the Incorp team. In his free time, Wilmer enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends, traveling, and playing various sports.

Luke Smith

Incorp, Supervisor

Luke Smith has been with Incorp for seven months, serving as a Supervisor for the insulation crews out of our Gastonia, NC location. He oversees day-to-day operations, ensuring his team executes complex and large-scale insulation projects with efficiency and precision.

Luke’s attention to detail, willingness to learn and adapt, and dependable nature make him an invaluable asset to the team. He consistently delivers high-quality work and collaborates effectively with both customers and employees to achieve the best results possible.

Under Luke’s supervision, his team confidently tackles any task completing their projects to the highest standards of quality and safety. He recently received a customer compliment from Bernardo Trane Co. praising him and his team for their outstanding work. His great attitude, craftsmanship, and leadership skills make him an excellent supervisor and representative for Incorp.

Outside of work, Luke enjoys spending quality time with his family. He is passionate about farming and dedicates much of his time to raising cows and bucking bulls.

Alexis Ramos

Incorp, Site Superintendent

Alexis Ramos has been with Incorp for over a year and a half and is currently the Site Superintendent at the East Bend Generating Station in Union, Kentucky. Bringing over a decade of scaffolding experience, Alexis is known for his expertise in complex scaffold builds and hanging scaffolds, making him and his team the go-to experts for challenging projects. His excellent working relationship with his foreman has fostered a culture of excellence and safety within their team.

Alexis’s exceptional leadership and expertise were recently showcased during his thorough inspection work inside the boiler for Duke Energy. His extraordinary attention to detail and unwavering commitment to safety were particularly highlighted during this project, setting a high industry standard and reinforcing Incorp’s dedication to safety and quality.

Outside of work, Alexis cherishes moments spent with his wife and daughter, enjoying family time and exploring new activities together.

Jose Perez

Incorp, Site Superintendent

Jose Perez has been with Incorp for over 9 years and is currently the LGE-KU Mill Creek Station Incorp Site Superintendent.

Jose is a knowledgeable, thorough, and safety-oriented supervisor who consistently goes above and beyond in his work. He plays a crucial role in day-to-day production and scheduling, assists with upcoming outage budgets, and provides emergency assistance to the facility in various ways.

Jose’s dedication to safety sets him apart in his role. He ensures employees understand their duties and all necessary safety precautions, fostering a safe and productive work environment. His commitment to excellence and responsiveness makes him an invaluable asset to the plant.

Outside of work, Jose enjoys spending time with his family, whether it be at sporting events, cooking out, or vacationing. He also has a passion for working on cars in his spare time. Jose’s dedication to his role, genuine passion for his work, and exceptional qualities make him a standout employee and a great representation of our company values.

Fabricio Ruiz

ECRS, Safety Manager

Fabricio Ruiz has been a vital part of the ECRS Lauderhill Branch for the past six years, dedicating his expertise and passion to ensuring the safety of the ECRS team. As a Safety Manager, Fabricio is responsible for the safety of our team members working both in the yard and out in the field. He ensures all employees have the necessary tools and knowledge to work safely, conducts job walks to identify areas for improvement, and enhances the safety practices of ECRS overall.

Fabricio’s credentials and experience make him an invaluable asset to the team. He holds certifications in OSHA 500 and 511, fall protection, CPR, and competent person training for swing stages, scaffolds, and forklifts. His swing stage knowledge, in particular, is a significant asset, especially in the South Florida market. His passion for safety, commitment to training, and excellent customer service make him a standout Safety Manager, enhancing the trust and reliability clients expect from ECRS.

Outside of work, Fabricio enjoys riding motorcycles and spending quality time with his family. Whether he’s exploring scenic routes or relaxing at home, he values these moments as a way to unwind and connect with his loved ones.

Jose Mota

Incorp, Superintendent

Jose Mota has been with Incorp for over 10 years and is currently the Superintendent at Cross Station in Pineville, SC. Jose brings 44 years of experience to his role, having been in the industry since 1980. He oversees all site operations and supervises our maintenance crew, which performs scaffolding, insulation, coatings, and everything in between.

Jose has an all-hands-on-deck approach. He is always ready to get his hands dirty, demonstrating his commitment to his team and the job. He prioritizes safety above all else and ensures everyone on the job site is prepared and protected. Customers absolutely love Jose, as he consistently meets and exceeds their expectations.

Jose is always willing to share his experiences with the Incorp team, helping whenever he can. He is an active participant in our weekly safety meetings, where his advice and stories foster an environment of open dialogue that enhances accident prevention. His willingness to speak up encourages others to share their experiences and contributes to building our culture of safety.

Outside of work, Jose enjoys spending time with his seven grandkids, fishing, and being outdoors. When he finds the time, Jose gets his adrenaline rush from chasing gators.

Osbaldo Sierra

Incorp, Site Foreman

Osbaldo Sierra has been with Incorp for 1.5 years and is currently a Site Foreman at the East Bend Generating Station in Union, Kentucky. With a decade of scaffolding experience, he has become a leader in the field. Known for his expertise in complex scaffolding builds and hanging scaffolds, Osbaldo is the go-to person for challenging scaffold projects. His partnership with the site superintendent has resulted in successful outcomes and fostered a culture of excellence and safety within the team.

Osbaldo’s dedication to safety has set a high standard in the industry. Contractors, such as Duke Energy, have praised his diligent inspections, particularly noting his thorough examination of the scaffold inside the boiler. Such dedication to detail is rare in the industry and greatly appreciated. Osbaldo’s commitment makes him an outstanding representation of our safety mission.

Outside of work, Osbaldo enjoys spending time with his children, visiting his family in Mexico, and traveling to explore new places.

Jorge Chavez

Incorp, Site Supervisor

Jorge Chavez is the Site Supervisor at the EKPC Spurlock location and has been with Incorp Industries since 2009. He oversees day-to-day maintenance and outage needs, coordinating with EKPC employees to meet their insulation, scaffold, and safety requirements.

Jorge is known for his personable nature, exceptional leadership, and willingness to go above and beyond to meet customer needs. With over 40 years of experience, Jorge consistently delivers high-quality work across various specialties including insulation, scaffolding, coatings, abatement, and more. His management skills and dedication to quality have kept Spurlock station running smoothly for over 14 years.

Outside of work, Jorge enjoys spending time with his family, vacationing abroad, and flying drones. He also loves being a DJ for parties and get-togethers, sharing his passion for music and entertainment.

Anthony Molina

Incorp, Supervisor

Anthony Molina has been with Incorp for over a year and a half and is currently the Supervisor for the Woodsdale/Madison location in Trenton, OH.

Anthony has shown an exceptional ability to adapt to the various requirements of the field, exhibiting a strong work ethic and a high level of responsibility towards his crews and clients. As a supervisor, he effectively manages his crew, coordinates with other contractors, and ensures the quality of work meets all regulatory and project requirements.

Anthony’s leadership and professionalism bring significant value to every project he oversees. His ability to adapt to various requirements and maintain a high level of professionalism ensures his work is completed efficiently and to the highest standards of quality and safety. His ability to maintain high standards of work and foster a positive work environment makes him an invaluable asset to the company.

Outside of work, Anthony enjoys spending quality time with his family and cooking, with a particular passion for Hispanic foods, such as enchiladas with rice and beans. Additionally, he is passionate about his Subaru WRX, making various modifications like bumpers, body kits, and wheels, and is excited to finish switching out the engine this month.

Reggie Diggs

ECRS-Anchor Scaffolding, Warehouse Attendant

Reggie Diggs plays an integral role at Anchor Scaffolding as a Warehouse Attendant, working closely with field crews to erect, alter, and dismantle scaffolding. His responsibilities also include assisting with the day-to-day logistics of equipment, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Reggie has been a dedicated member of the team for 27 years where he first began as a scaffold builder and progressed to his current role in the warehouse.

With extensive knowledge in scaffold building, Reggie enjoys mentoring younger, less experienced workers by sharing his expertise to help them succeed. He teaches them effective equipment handling for erecting and dismantling scaffolds and assists in the field as needed, always ready to do whatever is required. His adaptability ensures everything runs smoothly and efficiently for our customers.

His easygoing demeanor, passion for teaching, and knowledge of the physical and complex aspects of assembling scaffolds make him a valuable asset to the Anchor team.

Outside of work, Reggie is an avid artist and enjoys landscaping his yard. He values time with his extended family and recently returned from a memorable cruise in the Bahamas.

Andre Stackhouse

ECRS, Compliance Officer

Andre Stackhouse first joined ECRS 11 years ago as a Rigger and has since risen through several positions, including Swing Stage Foreman, Safety and Training Manager, and now serves as a Compliance Officer. In his new role, Andre prepares and submits crucial paperwork to get employees cleared for restricted access or government work and manages project-specific submissions, including safety documents, product specification sheets, and Activity Hazard Analysis documents. Additionally, he oversees employee certifications and is trained in OSHA 500, 501, and 510, as well as being an AED and CPR certified trainer, which is greatly beneficial in keeping company safety policies up to date.

Andre brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to his role at ECRS. He consistently demonstrates his ability to adapt to new challenges, making whatever is thrown his way “light work.” His proficiency in field knowledge and understanding of how today’s job sites function has helped ease the transition into his new role. Andre maintains a great attitude no matter the task at hand, even when handling last-minute submission requests from leading general contractors on sites from Washington, D.C. to Florida. Whether crafting site-specific safety plans or submitting employees for security paperwork, he takes it all in stride.

Andre excels in his role due to a unique blend of talent, in-field experience, and a relentless drive for results while maintaining excellent customer relations. His knowledge of our crews and field experience allows him to identify opportunities for further streamlining and improving our day-to-day staffing needs. He continually elevates our team’s overall performance, making him an invaluable asset to ECRS.

Outside of work, Andre has been a youth football coach for the past eight years in Anne Arundel County. He is passionate about giving back to the youth and enjoys making a positive impact in his community.

Featured Projects: Pillars Of Success

Nauticus Maritime Discovery Center

Norfolk, Virginia

Nauticus is a maritime discovery center located along the waterfront in downtown Norfolk, VA that uses the museum, Battleship Wisconsin, sailing center, and Schooner Virginia to educate the public on the maritime environment, industry, and the military. 

projects ECRS nauticus sm

UMBC Davidge Hall

Baltimore, Maryland

Davidge Hall, a historic gem in the heart of Baltimore, is the oldest building in the Western Hemisphere continuously used for medical education. Originally built in 1812, this three-story, circular domed building constructed with heavy timber, steel, and massive brick walls, required meticulous restoration to preserve its architectural and historical integrity.

projects ECRS davidge hall lg3
projects ECRS davidge hall lg4
projects ECRS davidge hall lg5
projects ECRS davidge hall lg1
projects ECRS davidge hall lg2

We’re proud to announce the launch of the ConTeras Employee Store!

Now you can gear up with our exclusive range of shirts, hats, bags, and more, all branded with ConTeras, Incorp, or ECRS. Visit the store today and show off your company pride!


Employee Anniversaries – Celebrating Dedication

ecrs logo


Oscar Quintanilla – 4 years
Jose Rios Artica – 4 years
Milton Aguilar Cortez – 4 years
Inmar Blanco Argueta – 4 years
Jose Orellana – 2 years
Erick Aguilar Castro – 1 year
Ronaldo Sagastume osorio – 1 year


Philip Jones – 19 years
Andre Stackhouse – 11 years
Rene Martinez-Valles – 10 years
Marvin Pinkney – 7 years
Jennifer Hammond – 4 years
Jose Montalvan Pacheco – 4 years
Felipe Manzano Montalvan – 2 years
Edwin Vasquez De La O – 1 year
Holman Herrera – 1 year
Christopher Flores Lagos – 1 year
Jose Luna – 1 year
Darien Garcia Oliveros – 1 year
Norge Gonzalez Alverez – 1 year


Pancho Risinger – 19 years
Braque Plummer – 16 years
Jose Diego – 13 years
Angel Suntaxi – 11 years
Dennis Casildo Castillo – 7 years
Gustavo Argueta – 4 years
Darius Jenkins – 2 years
Julio Vasquez Peralta – 2 years
Antoine Caldwell – 1 year
Luis Rubio – 1 year
Pedro Pinango Berroteran – 1 year
Cesar Flores Jugo – 1 year
Michael Vrettakos – 1 year
Carlos Janero Aguilar  – 1 year
Marvin Phillip – 1 year
Adam Ledbetter – 1 year


Jackie Cook – 25 years
Justin Hill – 21 years
Lee Bearden  – 18 years
Bertoldo Perez – 14 years
Robert Lamey – 13 years
Jose Palacios – 12 years
Shana Clark – 4 years
Adiarys Sanchez – 4 years
Alvaro Montenegro – 4 years
Nilton Castillo – 4 years
Moises Escamilla Arias – 3 years
Lorenzo Bahena Ortiz – 2 years
Ricardo Aldana Osejo – 2 years
Abner Aldana Mendoza – 2 years
Luis Soto Rivera – 2 years
Angel Gonzales – 2 years
Pedro Figueroa Montanez – 2 years
Salomon Cornejo – 1 year
Vicente Martinez – 1 year
Misael Cornejo – 1 year
Ana Maceo-Blanco – 1 year
Alejandro Romero Hernandez – 1 year
Jorge Barajas – 1 year
Katrina Owens – 1 year
Tony Ordonez – 1 year
Juan Arriaga – 1 year
Guillermo Guardiola – 1 year
Alysha Mercado – 1 year
Irving Martinez – 1 year
Freddie Oquendo – 1 year
Anthony Alicea – 1 year
Giovanni Perdomo Sifuentes – 1 year
Samuel Arredondo – 1 year
Tereso Lopez – 1 year
Jesus Quinones – 1 year
Carlos Chavez – 1 year
Raul Hernandez – 1 year
Eugene Rivera – 1 year
Araceli Pichardo – 1 year
Karla Morales – 1 year
Alejandro Suarez – 1 year
David Rodriguez – 1 year
Jose Gonzales Zamora – 1 year
Amilcar Lopez – 1 year
Hanfor Mendoza Nino – 1 year
John Beasley – 1 year
Edgar Godina Cortes – 1 year
Jafet Godina Castaneda – 1 year
Otoniel Delgado – 1 year
Jason Hernandez – 1 year
Gregorio Medina – 1 year
Irma Perez Robles – 1 year
Dennis Polo – 1 year
Mauricio Gomez – 1 year


Richard Tolle – 8 years
Arnulfo Venzor – 8 years
Luis Figueroa-Del Rio – 7 years
Mark Thimling – 4 years
Luis Ofray De Jesus – 3 years
Rachel Bedore – 2 years
Jose Cruz Perez – 2 years
Andres Trevino – 2 years
Antonio Ramirez Garcia – 1 year
Joseph Bloodworth – 1 year
Christina Govea Almeda – 1 year
Rogelio Guerra Rivas – 1 year
Rene Ramon – 1 year
Araceli Ramirez – 1 year
Marbel Santizo Perez – 1 year
Joel Cruz Castro – 1 year
Faustino Sanchez Lazaro – 1 year
Jose Ojeda – 1 year
Yoinel Carmago – 1 year
Miguel Gonzalez – 1 year
Mario Gonzalez – 1 year
Nelson Ortiz Diaz – 1 year
Jesus Rocha – 1 year
Heather Reese – 1 year


Tamra Staats – 10 years
Deyci Arrez Espino – 4 years
Andrew Hovermale – 4 years
Kelvin Medina – 3 years
Crystal Casique – 3 years
Andres Ibarra Cervantes – 3 years
Ignacio Cabrera Ponce – 2 years
Whitney Clendenin – 2 years
Eduardo Sanchez – 1 year
Jonathan Colon Matos – 1 year
Carlos Tinoco – 1 year
Donovan Collins Dunbar – 1 year
Jesus Flores Hernandez – 1 year
Jesus Tinoco-Hernandez – 1 year
Jefrin Davila – 1 year
Huber Solorzano – 1 year
Jose Ortiz Beltran – 1 year
Isaac Davila Navarrete – 1 year
Carlos Laris Delgado – 1 year
Noel Ruiz Medina – 1 year
Jose Gusman Jr – 1 year
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James Lowe – 1 year
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